Refund Policy

PayPal is the most convenient payment method of today for any online transaction. This is why, all payments for Organic Visitors services are received and processed trough PayPal. If you are unaware of what PayPal is or you have concerns regarding this payment method, just visit their website at or drop us a line at our Contact Us page.

Organic Visitors refund policy will apply to any of the following cases:

• if the visitors ordered to show up in Google Analytics is less than 70%

• if the set up is done incorrectly ( with the wrong keywords or wrong traffic packages)

• if the customers campaign was not set up within 72 hours from the time the transaction was recieved.

Organic Visitors will be more than happy to issue a complete refund after a reasonable analysis of the created situation. We will address each unsatisfactory claim and will provide a screen capture software for the client. The extent of every mistake can be easily ascertained trough a view of Google analytics and it will be necessary as a protective measurement against any fraudulent claims. The verification process should be quite fast, providing the client a fast response regarding their claim, with the refund process being instantly initiated.

Any refund claim a client might have, should be sent trough the customer support service and it should never be done as an automatic refund request trough PayPal. This way, our support service team will be able to assess the situation and handle the problem directly with the customer. Organic Visitor will try and resolve any issue or difficulty regarding any kind of problem related with their services.

Although Organic Visitors refund policy has been instated since the beginning of the company, we are proud to state that trough our services, there has been minimum unsatisfactory claims made by clients for the quality of our work and services.